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Jul 16, 2008 at 01:44 AM

Inserting nulldate


This one has me a bit perplexed.

Part 1:

I have a transaction that produces an xml doc with two date columns among other things (start and finish). When there is no date/time in these columns they display as 'TimeUnavailable' when executed from workbench. However occasionally the start and finish dates for a row will appear as the current date and time, even though the BLS has assigned nothing to these fields.

Part 2: 'Bailing on trying to fix part 1, moving onto brute force'

I have done much tracing attempting to find the source of these dates, to no avail. So I decided to break out the hammer and use a repeater at the end of the transaction, and set any start or finish date to nulldate where there was no process order (indicating no dates/times required). This almost worked, it got rid of all unwanted dates, except those in the first row. I even went so far as to remove any conditional logic and assign nulldate to all date fields in the document (as a test). Still the current date/time remain in any fields in the first row. If I assign some other date to the fields, they will reflect the date/time I have assigned.

In case you're wondering why I would want to display a row with no process order, it is part of a Lean Rhythm wheel display that shows a fixed list of products for manufacture on a production line. Sometimes products are skipped if inventory levels haven't triggered a production run, thus no process order.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.


Rod Hoffman