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Jul 15, 2008 at 08:57 PM

SXI_MONITOR: Scheduled for Outbound Processing


Hi folks,

After a connection problem with AE, now already fixed. Iu2019m experiencing a strange issue!! It occurs at only one interface where the message gets stuck at SXI_MONITOR with the status u201Cscheduled for outbound processingu201D without any entry at SMQ1/2 or SM58 u2013 this interface is an ABAP proxy to IDoc. Only at RWB I can see those entries with status u201Cwaitingu201D at Integration Engine. However, every time I try to resend or cancel I get the following error: u201CUnable to cancel/resend 1 of 1 messages; update the statusu201D.

After I read several threads with similar issue I expend all the tips suggested, unfortunately without success.

What I did:

SLD, Adapter Meta data, CPAcache, sxi_cache cleared,

AE entry at sxi_cache deleted,

RWB - Cache test ok,

Deregister/Register and activate all queues,

IDoc adapter deleted,

All ID objects related to this interface were deleted and created again,

Several j2ee restarts,

stop/start sap,

IDX2 u2013 IDoc meta data deleted,

Changed manually the message status directly at table SXMSPMAST to a restartable status.

All PI components are in green status.

Curiously at sxi_monitor I changed the layout in order to check which queue id my message is getting stuck and I found u201CPACKAGEu201D as queue name. I donu2019t know which kind of queue is this u201CPACKAGEu201D!

Anyone knows what is going on here?

Thanks in advance,


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