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Delay in End-End processing time for inbound IDOC in SAP PO

Hi Experts,

We have few scenarios from some thirdparty systems to SAP ABAP/ECC system, where data is being posted to ECC system using IDOC AEE adapter through PO 7.4 as middle ware.

For any scenarios which are inbound IDOC to ECC we have some issue and your help to understand is appreciated.

In few cases when we receive any data to PO and convert the data to IDOC XML in transformation steps and this data is updated in ECC or create an IDOC in ECC with in seconds.

But for the same scenarios in few cases IDOC is taking 2-3 minutes or even more in few cases to update the IDOC in ECC.

--> this is Async flow. Also just want your help understand where exactly is the delay is at i.e. PO outbound Queue or SAP ERP Inbound Queue or IDOC XML to IDOC message conversion ?

--> Partner profile is created with option "immediately"

--> From PO performance monitoring i could see more time is at step "outboundModulebean" i.e. "/Entity/@MS_module_out_IDocOutboundModuleBean" This is normal IDOC receiver channel and no module paramerters are used.

1. during the above time there are no messages in Queue (in both PO and ECC)details.png

2. SM58 entries are also clear

3. during same time we have other inbound IDOC messages for this and other scenarios which are updated with in seconds

4. this delay is not in all the cases but we are concern of system performance on this delay.

Please find the attachment for some logs

2/14/2018 09:45:23.302 AM Information Control record is not mandatory - control record will be added if not available

2/14/2018 09:45:23.304 AM Information XML Payload parsed to idoc document list with number of idocs: 1

2/14/2018 09:45:23.406 AM log in PO with some TID is created

2/14/2018 09:47:30.600 AM Information IDOC message sent to receiver R/3 system // IDOC Created with this timing in ECC system

2/14/2018 09:47:30.605 AM Information TID <XYZ> confirmed

2/14/2018 09:47:30.606 AM Information Message was successfully transmitted to endpoint

2/14/2018 09:47:30.612 AM Information Message status set to DLVD

In ECC IDOC is created at 2/14/2018 09:47:30.600 AM

Can you please help what can be the reasons for this delay ( 2 mins delay) to create IDOC in ECC

Points validated.

during the above time there are no messages in Queue SMQ2

SM58 entries are also clear

details.png (28.1 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 12:51 PM

    Hello Madhu,

    If the IDoc is taking time to generate from ECC end, then you need to check the respective program in ECC. PO system can only pick up once the IDoc is generated. Queue will come to picture only once the IDocs are generated.

    Nitin Deshpande

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  • Nov 06, 2018 at 11:37 AM

    In SAP ERP the IDOC processing will happen EOIO format, during the time it seems there are other IDOCs in Queue to get created.

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