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SAC: Direct Live Connection to HANA and iOS App

Feb 27 at 07:24 AM


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Good Morning!

We use the direct live connection to connect our SAP HANA database.

Since the cloud update 2018.3.0 we can not use the iOS App, because the get the remote login popup (in earlier versions we didn't had the problem). If I try to login, the popup is shown again and again and again ...

If I use the browser, it works normally.

Do you have the same problem?


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3 Answers

Henry Banks
Feb 27 at 08:46 AM


are you using a reverse proxy in your hybrid landscape, so does your mobile app need to use that RP URL? (rather than the 'normal' tenant URL)



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Hi Henry,

no we don't use a reverse proxy.

Best regards



Is there an available update for the mobile app on your device?

I'm not in a position to try this right now, but i'm aware that the mobi app received some significant enhancements in-sync with this Wave.

Could the change in behaviour be related to this new toggle

I'd encourage you contact Product Support if you don't resolve this following an update to your ios app and a play with that setting.

kind regards,


Julian Jimenez
Feb 27 at 09:47 PM


I would add some questions to the one that Henry asked before

  • What authentication do you use for HANA and SAC?

I am not 100% sure if the pop-up you mention here is a new page popup because you use SAML SSO or the prompt for username/password in HANA.

If you are using HANA Direct Connection, you can test these URLs from your Safari browser:


If you are using Reverse Proxy:

https://<Apache Web Host>/<HANA_PATH>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo

Our app will make calls to the iOS API and will behave similarly to your Safari browser.

If you are using SAML SSO, I would start cleaning your Safari cache in your iOS device.

If the popup you mention here is that page, the problem can be related to the auth.html page to be stored in your browser's cache (we need a new call every time). This is the solution:

  1. Create another file under the cors package, and name it .xsaccess.
  2. Open .xsaccess, and add the following code:
    {"cache_control" : "no-cache, no-store"}

3. Save the file.



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Hey Julian,

thanks for your answer. We are using the direct live connection with authentication (username an password) (no webdispatcher, no apache).

This is the popup I get in iOS. If I type my user and my password, the popup is shown again and again and again ...

Following steps I did already:

  • Reinstall the App
  • Clearing Safari's Browsercache
  • Create a new live connection#
  • check the JSON answer https://<HANA_SERVER>:<HANA_PORT>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo (it works fine)

If I open the Story with my desktop browser, it works!

Best regards


unbenannt.png (50.2 kB)

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for all the tests.

I believe that you should create an incident with LOD-ANA-BI so you can send logs from HANA (indexserver) to understand why the user is not accepted when it's sent from the mobile app.



Denis Baldo Mar 13 at 05:31 PM


we're facing the same issue. Following the details of our case:

  • SAC Server Version: 2018.4.1
  • SAC iOS App version: 2.17.1
  • iPad Pro (A1474) with iOS version 1.2.6 (15D100)
  • Hana Live Connection between SAC with Direct Connection Type and User Name and Password as Authentication Method
  • We tested the URLs : https://<HANA_SERVER>:<HANA_PORT>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo from our Safari browser and it works

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the support.

Best Regards.


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Hi Denis,

I missed your question.

Have you checked the error message that you get in HANA indexserver traces? Is it considered an incorrect username/password?




Hi Denis, your incident has arrived to SAP Product Support. We'll be getting back to you shortly.