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How to hide standard Catalogs from user..need to display only custom catalogs

Feb 27 at 05:52 AM


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I have doubt regarding catalog and groups. According to my understanding to access Fiori app, user must assign to Role, when role is assigned to user he can access all apps which are in business catalog. We can create custom group and assign to a custom role and that custom role can be assigned to that user.

In home screen we can see custom group only. But in app finder he can see all apps in catalog finder.

Is there any way to hide standard catalog's from user and display only custom catalogs. Custom catalogs contains apps from two or 4 catalogs.

Another doubt, if custom created group assigned to one role, in role we didn't assigned any catalog. Then user can access apps ( I think its not possible).

My requirement is I need to display only selected apps to the user.

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Hunter Young
Feb 28 at 06:12 AM

Hi Nandish,

The best way to accomplish this would be to create both a custom catalog and a custom group containing only the apps you wish to allow a user to access, and assign both the custom catalog and the custom group to a custom role. Simply creating a custom group does not prevent a user from accessing applications through the App Finder. If you assign a role containing a standard catalog to a user, the apps in the catalog will always be available in the App Finder regardless of whether or not they exist in a group. You can create a custom catalog and add only the tiles and target mappings you want to make available to a user, or create a copy of standard SAP catalogs and remove the tiles and target mappings you wish to prevent the user from accessing.

Best Regards,

Hunter Young

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Hi Hunter,

Thanks for the information. I have small confusion, if I have created custom catalog and group. Both are added to a custom role. User added to custom role, If user wants to access the Odata service of that app, do we need to add that service in custom role.

In other words if user having custom role, if he wants to access standard app Odata service, then do we need to add that service in custom role.



Yes - you will need to add that service to the custom role.