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Jul 15, 2008 at 03:40 PM

Multiple users on one license?


How's it going?

So at the moment, we have 3 admin licenses, and all 3 are taken. 2 for the managers, and then the last one floats between who needs it. At the moment, if somebody in accounting (3 people) is using it, the other 2 can't be on at the same time. And then if the woman in payroll needs it, everyone in accounting signs off, and the manager must switch the account privileges over to payroll.

Is there a way of streamlining this, besides getting 4 more licenses? Or is there a way for one department to have an account that they can share and be on simultaneously? Constantly changing user permissions is time-consuming. Each person doesn't need very many permissions at all, just enough to edit the main database

Thank you!