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Jul 15, 2008 at 02:32 PM

FileUpload, OPEN DATASET, TRANSFER and '#' at EOF



I have implemented a Web Dynpro, that stores a file from local client on an application server. The file is read with UI Element FileUpload, its data processed with a xstring variable and stored on application server with command "OPEN DATASET <file> FOR OUTPUT IN BINARY MODE." and "TRANSFER <data> TO <file> NO END OF LINE." The problem is, that plain text files (like .csv) are displayed in transaction "al11" with a "#" at end of line. Furthermore other systems cannot process this file correctly, as they also have this problem.

The transfer should be in binary mode, as non text files have to be processed, too.

I have already tried with and without option "NO END OF LINE" for command "TRANSFER", but with no result.

Does anyone have an idea?