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Jul 15, 2008 at 02:30 PM

How to remove.


HI all

I am downloading some data into file(.TXT) from SAP sever and uploading into other UNIX server.

Here in the file(.TXT) we are having MAKTX is: Vendor needs to pay##

Eg: 1202 789654 vendor needs to pay## 10000245623654

When I was uploaded this file into UNIX server we are getting 2 lines.

Eg: 1202 789654 vendor needs to pay^M


If you observe here we are getting u2018^Mu2019 this special word we donu2019t know how we are geeting. Due that ^M the u201810000245623654u2019 it is going to next line.

I think in unix ^M is taking enter action .

So can any body tell me what is the problem what I need to do.