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Jul 15, 2008 at 01:17 PM

Bad magic number Exception on deployment


Hi Experts,

I am doing the migration of a J2EE application built in JBoss into SAP WAS 7.1(Evaluation Version)

I have imported all the contents(except java sources) from the existing into a webmodule project in NWDS and then I had created Enterprise Application project to add this web module. I have modified all the deployment descriptor files. After the project build, I deployed the .ear file in the WAS, but it was throwing the following error:

An error occurred while deploying the deployment item 'sap.com_XXXX'.; nested exception is:


1. ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3298 An error occurred during deployment of sap.com_XXXX. Cannot deploy it.

-> Bad magic number, found 0x0000000E, expected 0xCAFEBABE.

When I did the same in NW 7.0 WAS it was successfully deployed. I read some threads for the Bad magic error it is all saying about the class file format is wrong. For NW 7.0, jdk version 1.4.2 is used, but for the NW CE7.1 the version of jdk is 1.5. will it be the cause for the above exception?

and today I have got the java sources from class files using some Java Decompilers and I placed them in the source folder. After successful build I tried to deploy, but the same error occured while deploying.

Any Suggestions??