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Jul 15, 2008 at 12:42 PM

field symbol - unicode warning



begin of z,

txtmg(11) type c,

ladpt(06) type p decimals 3,

zprun_o(06) type p decimals 3,

end of z.


<menge>. "(even tried type any here)

assign table field (z-txtmg) to <menge> .


z-ladpt = <menge>.


z-zprun_oo = <menge>.

When i run ucchceck i get a warning in static anlysis for the following reason: because of the use of untyped or generic datatypes there is no evaluation for this operation available. Can only be validated at runtime.

When i use

assign (z-txtmg) to <menge> casting type P (Without the table field,because it gives error of not allowing casting)

it does not work, still gives the warning to me.

what can i do instead to get rid of the unicode warning?

Best regards & points will be awarded!