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Refresh only all data providers in WebI

Feb 26 at 11:50 AM


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Hi everyone!

I need the end users refresh only all data providers simultaneously in reading mode. I don't want to change preferences for each user (although I've tried to apply Applet but it didn't help)

I faced up with the same issue Web Intelligence refresh only all data providers. Has anyone found the solution?

The best result will be refresh button without drop down list near.

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers

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Jawahar Konduru Feb 26 at 02:08 PM

Unfortunately, you cannot disable or customize to disable the list.

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Do you know can we disable or hide button Cancel appears after pressing Refresh All before getting prompts? It leads to keep on refreshing endlessly only for non-admin users. For admin it's OK.

Is there another solution to avoid endless keep on refreshing... also with another steps too?

Jawahar Konduru Feb 26 at 02:38 PM

if it refresh for admin users, but not for non-admin users, there might be access security issue.

They are all prebuilt buttons for the screens. it is not customizable.

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No, non-admin users are able to refresh reports. But if they push refresh and then want to cancel the action unfortunately this panel of refreshing data will keep on running endlessly. Is it a security problem?



It is not security issue. Check below KB. This is by design.

1893999 - Unable to cancel long running WebI report with prompts when called using OpenDocument

The behavior of "cancel" action is-

Whenever user clicks on "Cancel’ button, the cancel will be initiated by client, In application server (tomcat) , the SDK will check the progress of "Refresh" action, if the refresh action is already processed by webi server (like server sends the request to database and got data back) then the "Cancel" action will be ignored, otherwise "Cancel" request will be sent to webi server and it will cancel the operation.

So "Cancel" action doesn’t cancel the refresh always and it depends on the state of the refresh operation at server.

So this is not an issue.