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DPC Database Extractor has Errors

Feb 26 at 06:53 AM


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Hello Gurus,

I am getting plenty of alert mails into my inbox with message "DPC Database Extractor has Errors"

Alert DetailsName....................DPC Database Extractor has Errors

Start Time..............25.02.2018 22:02:01 PST

End Time................25.02.2018 22:02:01 PST

Managed Object..........QC1~ABAP

Managed Object Type.....Technical System




Alert Description

Extractors of type Database send database metrics to the monitoring and alerting infrastructure (MAI). They are scheduled in the transaction SOLMAN_SETUP when you set up System Monitoring for the database system, by specifying the system in Define Scope, and choosing Apply and Activate in Setup Monitoring, in the System Monitoring view.

This alert indicates that either the Active Status or the Last Status of the Database extractor reported an error. The Active Status is the (run-independent) status of the extractor; the Last Status is the status of the latest run of the extractor. The Active Status of an extractor can, for example, be Running, even if the latest run (Last Status) failed.

Information about the Active Status and its possible values is here: Description of alerts, metric

Information about the Last Status and its possible values is here: Description of alerts, metric

Alert Data Link to alert details

Link to alert inbox

Alert Confirmation Confirm this alert

Confirm all alerts

How can I get rid of these alerts, or able to resolve this issue. This is coming for other systems and fills by inbox quite fast. Please help to resolve this issue.



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Former Member May 05 at 11:42 AM

Hi Farooq,

I got the answer in below blog:



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Dear Abhisek

Canyou please explain further. Which area. Also, see my response to Ruth

Ruth Reilly
May 02 at 06:37 PM

Hello Abhishek,

When you get the Alert: DPC Database Extractor has Errors -> Yellow warnings -> ST_DBMS Last Status, you need to check if this a true alert or not.

To access to the correct extractor, please go to SAP Solution Manager Administration -> Self-monitoring -> Filter by the system, and go to tab "Managed system view".

Here click on the managed system, and below will appear the metrics. On the right of the metric DPC Database Extractor, you can click on "Alerting framework" to check the correct extractor it is measuring.

So you can see if it is reporting okay values or not.

If you do not want to receive the alert, you can modify the threshold or disable the alert. Otherwise, you can check the extractor to see its logs.

Always Apply and Activate after any changes are made.

Please note - The alert set is as already rated, so it is only informative. You just need to know that in case it has warnings you can check this extractor. Normally it is because the extractor is not collecting all the metrics that it could.

So when you receive the alert you can check the extractor, and see if there is any serious issue.



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Dear Ruth

We are facing the same issue in Solman 7.2 but when I try to un-check the Alert Active button, its grayed out .I am in Edit Mode and still cannot changer the Alerting Active checkbox

Please advise

dpc.png (75.1 kB)
Farooq MFarooqAli- Abacus Apr 27 at 10:39 AM

Is this resolved? If yes, please provide the resolution. We are also facing the same issue

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