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SAP Fiori Mentor App / FUIButton raised version

So the SAP SDK for iOS developer has several sources for reference on Fiori for iOS controls:

1) Xcode itself with its "jump to definition", etc,

2) the SAP Fiori Mentor App

3) The Fiori for iOS guidelines:

4) SAP Fiori Reference

I have to say, none of these four sources provided me with an answer to following question:

How do I implement a "raised button" as mentioned under 3), specifically here:

When using the Fiori Mentor App it is easy and straightforward to implement the "flat" design type, text-only style. But there is no guidance on the "raised" button style.

Nevertheless is mentioned in 3) but without any technical hints whatsoever.

Even Consulting the SAP Fiori reference ( ) brings no clarification.

I see, that there is a style option, like;


(it may not even be the desired "raised" version.)

But trying to set it like: = SAPFiori.FUIButtonStyle.fuiRoundedFilled

( buttonPDFVIEWCell is of type FUIButtonFormCell )

results in an Xcode message, saying, that "Cannot assign to property: 'style' setter is inaccessible".

I found, that also other elements of Fiori for iOS are sorely missing in the Mentor App (e.g. "Activity Sheet"). If it is really about speed and productivity in the implementation process, then I would recommend, that the Mentor App becomes much more complete with respect to all Fiori for iOS elements, complete with coding examples. Don't get me wrong, the existing ones are really helpful.

To summarize: Documentation for Fiori for iOS is scattered over too many different sources and none of them seems complete enough to warrant quick implementation with code examples. The Mentor App is really helpful but needs in my opinion more content in terms of completeness.



P.S.: Why is "SAP Fiori for iOS" still missing as a tag when posting a question?... ;-)

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1 Answer

  • Feb 27, 2018 at 10:40 AM


    Thanks much for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't find the information you're looking for. In general, the Fiori guidelines on can be ahead of what is actually implemented in the SDK. We try to indicate this on the web page, but sometimes things end up being inconsistent. The Mentor app exposes purely what is delivered in the SDK, the goal being that browsing SDK controls and experimenting with the configuration options should be easier than by reading through API docs only - but again, across Mentor and SDK things are supposed to be consistent.

    Coming to your concrete question on the button - I think you hit a spot here where we need to close a gap so things tally up. The dev team will come back with ad-hoc guidance soon and we will sort this out across Design Guidelines/SDK/Mentor also.

    Going forward we will continue to expand on all layers, the design guidelines and the SDK (and the Mentor in lockstep with the SDK). Sometimes the design guidelines suggest how to use the standard iOS controls, so there's no counterpart in the SDK. In other cases the guidelines are simply ahead of the SDK and provide guidance to composite controls/screens/floorplans that might come as out-of-the-box controls later - but we still want to already give design guidance also in these cases.

    I appreciate this answer isn't great, but we continue to improve and your input is very helpful.


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