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Jul 15, 2008 at 09:04 AM

PI Alerts



I am trying to setup alerts on PI. I have been able to setup a Alert Category in tcode alrtcatdef, with u201CFixed Recipientsu201D. I have scheduled batch job RSALERTPROC and have been able to to tested this configuration with program RSALERTTEST via tcode se38 for the alert category created. This was successful as I was able to receive the alert for this category in my alert inbox.

I am the one configuring the alerts and the one receiving the alerts.

I have the following authorization roles: SAP_ALM_ADMINISTRATOR




Now however I am having problems with the Alert Rule configuration in the Run Time Workbench. I can get into the configuration page u201CAlert Rule Definitionu201D, but is not able to add any rules. The u201CAdd Ruleu201D and the u201CChange Ruleu201D buttons are greyed out. When I add a description for the rule and want to add the Alert Category by clicking on it the page resets. I am just not able to change anything on this page.

Please can you cast some light on this for me?