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Adobe Form Joined vs Backgound Parallel Jobs

Hi All,

I have a report REP_A that save a unique pdf generated by Adobe Forms (SFP) on server.

This report join more pdf calling:


- many calls to my Functions to call the adobe



If I run the report it works fine. A unique pdf with a lot of pages joined.

Now I have another report ZREP_B that crate several parrallel jobs with a submit to ZREP_A.

My Problem:

- A few jobs (for example 3) with final big files pfd saved -> NO problem

- Several jobs (for example 15) with final small files pfd saved -> NO problem

- Several jobs (for example 15) with final big files pfd saved -> PROBLEM!!! the pdf of some jobs are empty and some others are ok.

The jobs with empty pdf however are completed correctly.

If I try to go in SM37 and run again a job "not good", it is completed with the big file pdf saved correctly.

Following the parameters I pass to the FP_JOB_OPEN


'X' TO st_outparams-nodialog,

'M' TO st_outparams-getpdf,

'M' TO st_outparams-bumode,

'X' TO st_outparams-assemble,

'PRINTER' TO st_outparams-device,

sy-pdest TO st_outparams-dest,

'X' TO st_outparams-reqnew,

'X' TO st_outparams-parallel.

the last one i tried just because i liked the name "parallel"... but without lucky.

Thanks a lot for your attention



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