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How to pass DEBMAS AND ADRMAS in single IDOC


I have to create the Customer Master Data using the standard Idocs (DEBMAS and ADRMAS). Can In one IDOC can we pass both DEBMAS+ ADRMAS?

Is there a solution of passing in single IDOC both DEBMAS+ ADRMAS details ?

Or separate IDOC numbers generated each for DEBMAS & ADRMAS and how do we link them ?

Can I use DEBMDM06 instead of (DEBMAS +ADRMAS) for creating customer ?

Can anyone please help me with the solution to this problem.



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  • But why exactly do you have to use these IDocs? If it's just a migration or some kind of initial data creation the LSMW is easier to use and more efficient. If this is an interface with another SAP system then those are standard IDocs and it makes most sense to utilize a standard process. If it's an interface with a non-SAP system then there might be a completely different solution. It all depends.

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