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Jul 14, 2008 at 09:54 PM

Best Practice Regarding Maintaining Business Views/List of Values


Hello all,

I'm still in the learning process of using BOXI to run our Crystal Reports. I was never familiar with the BO environment before but I have recently learned that every dynamic parameter we create for a report, the Business View/Data Connectors/LOV are created on the Enterprise Repository the moment the Crystal Report is uploaded.

All of our reports are authored from a SQL Command statement and often times, various reports will use the same field name from the database for different reports. For example, we have several reports that use the field name "LOCATION" that exists on a good number of tables on the database.

When looking at the Repository, I've noticed there are several variations of LOCATION, all which I'm assuming belongs to one specific report. Having said that, I see that it can start to become a nightmare in trying to figure out which variation of LOCATION belongs to what report. Sooner or later, the Repository will need to be maintained a bit cleaner, and with the rate we author reports, I forsee a huge amount of headache down the road.

With that being said, what's the best practice in a nutshell when trying to maintain these repository items? Is it done indirectly on the Crystal Report authoring side where you name your parameter field identifiable to a specific report? Or is it done directly on the Repository side?

Thank you.