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Jul 14, 2008 at 09:20 PM



Hi Guru's,

i am trying to upload the material master data using BAPI...while uploading ia m getting beloow error ..please guide me anyone you..where i am doing mistake.....

1st this error i am getting while executing:

internal unit HR ,language EN is not maintained.

and afetr execution in gs_return i am getting below error(in debugging mode):

Unit of measure ****** is not defined; check your entry

error number :490

dont get tence for HR (as unit of measure) and all the values ae moving properly into BAPI...and

here i am consider the unit of mesure as HR (hour)..

here i am caliculating like ex: for employe (material) generating bill in hour basis.that is per 1hour $100.

please let me know if my question is not clear..

even with HUR also i am getting same error.....

is there any changes required in the SPRO .......

i mean in BAPI had ..unitofmeasure we have around 21 fields( here extra fields is DEL FLAG)

but in unitofmeasurex has only 20 fields...

we need to anything in SPRO for avoiding DEL FLAG.....

sorry if i am confusing u.....

if you ae using same HR while creating manuvally material in MM01 then it will be stored in the mara table like STD.that is it is converting HR into STD (german language).......

let me know any changes required related to this.....


i am able to create in my BAPI test with HR only and the material cretaed...

but in some meassaes in return table while BAPI test is there any effet with this messages..

102 Trying to create: SRINIVAS AREPALLI 8888 0001 8888 __________ 8888 88 _ _

160 The material cannot be maintained since no maintainable data transferred

103 Trying to change: SRINIVAS AREPALLI 8888 0001 8888 __________ 8888 88 _ _

810 No changes made