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Jul 14, 2008 at 06:35 PM

problem with a huge query


Hi guys, the following query ended with an error,

Possible errors:

o The maximum size of an SQL statement has been exceeded.

o The statement contains too many input variables.

o The space needed for the input data exceeds the available memory.

o ...

SELECT SUM( erlos ) SUM( vv010 ) SUM( absmg )

INTO (vtas, marg, v_pza)

FROM ce1pisa

where vrgar = 'F'

AND perio IN r_periodo

AND plikz = '0'

AND bzirk IN r_zonav

AND kndnr IN r_cliente

AND kmmakl IN r_linea

AND kmvkgr IN r_territorio

AND vkorg IN r_vkorg " ogr de ventas.

AND bukrs IN r_sociedad

AND vtweg IN r_canal.

r_vars are TYPE RANGE OF

i needo to know what to do, because i really need to use this query.

tks in advance.