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Former Member
Jul 14, 2008 at 05:58 PM

Mass BP Purge


Our current BP database consists of roughly 16,000 records. Most of those were ported over when we first integrated SBO nearly 2 years ago.

Now that we are confortable with the SBO system, we would like to purge our BP database of all of the old dead, and inactive accounts.

Identifying the BPs we would like to remove isn't the issue. Finding a way to do the purge en masse is.

Of course we could step , one by one, and delete the BP through the front end, but we are looking for an easier, more efficient method. There are several thousand records that need to be purged.

None of the BPs to be purged have any transactional history. They are simply BP Master records with an occassional Alternate Address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.