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Create Action to Change Employee Subgroup

Feb 22 at 09:49 PM


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Hello all,

Our users have asked for a new action to use in PA40 to change an employee's Sub Group designation from Full time to Part time, or vice versa.

Currently, there are only two Employee Sub Groups under our Employee Group 1 - Employees. Because of external data connections, they need a way to change an employee from full to part, or part to full time without going through termination and rehire, which is their only current way to do it.

I had them test in our QA environment with the T-Code PA41, but while this did change the EE Sub group, it did not put a history record in showing the effective dates of the change.

Can someone outline the steps for how to create a PA40 action so they will have this history?



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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau Feb 23 at 06:02 PM

Using t-code spro, look under

Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Customizing Procedures > Actions

First, look at the current configuration, and read on the subject (,, or other search), then try to create your own Action/Reason for Action.

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I have been searching and researching this for over a

week, and have not come up with a solid answer.

I have managed to create a new action, seen below:

But when I execute this, other than putting a change record in, no changes are made to the subgroup:

Any help on my Z1 Action Type would be appreciated.

pa40-image01.jpg (29.5 kB)
pa40-image02.jpg (76.1 kB)

I don't see here field with position object. Hit F1 and make sure you use a standard screen with its logic, not a custom one. Also, try to change employee subgroup manually and save it..


Do you have integration between OM and PA?

We do, and when we create a "Org. reassignment Action", the first infotype that will pop-up will be IT0000, where we will enter the new Position (P0001-PLANS) and then do "Enter". Then, when creating IT0001, the Personnel Area, Personnel Sub-Area, Employee Group, Employee Sub-Group and more are carried from the Position Infotypes (IT1008 and IT1013).