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Jul 14, 2008 at 04:40 PM

Creating Custom Authorization Objects for HR Security


Hello All

I've created a custom authorization object, and not sure if i've followed all the correct steps using SU21.

i created auth object z_demo for use in the HR module.

it contains the following:

AUTHC Authorization level (mandatory, as per SAP)

SUBTY Subtype (mandatory, as per SAP)

INFTY Infotype (mandatory, as per SAP)

BTRTL Personnel Subarea

PERSA Personnel Area

i did not run the "regenerate SAP_ALL" option.

now, here's my problem:

when i go and put this authorization object into one of my roles that i'm modifying, it's unusable for HR because the system parameter needs to be changed in tcode OOAC. the value for AUTSW NNNNN 0 HR: Customer-specific authorization check needs to be changed from 0 to 1 in order to make my object active. once that's done, the report RPUACG00 needs to be run.

the problem occurs when users now try and do a search in a tcode such as PPOME and cannot find ANY people in the system. this is ONLY happening when i switch the value in OOAC for AUTSW NNNNN from 0 to 1.

hopefully someone can give some insight into this, the SAP Doc isn't very detailed in this particular area...