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Lumira vs SAP Analytics Cloud

Feb 22 at 05:15 PM


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We have been getting ready to put assets into using Lumira as our Dash boarding technology for our SAP landscape and we did a POC and were satisfied with the results and the features of Lumira 2.x. But with the recent news that innovation is stopped for Lumira and all the focus would be on Analytics Cloud, before we embark on putting the assets into Lumira and rolling it out, should we reconsider? What is the input from SAP for companies who have nothing yet on Lumira ?

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Henry Banks
Feb 26 at 11:31 AM

Hey Jassim,

Lumira 2.1 and BI4.2 have innovation roadmaps which are invested until to 2020 or thereabouts, after than maintenance mode until 2024 i believe. Sure, we'll be developing more hybrid 'bridges' to encourage on-premise customers to move to the cloud (such as Webi to consume SAC models, Webi-parts consumable in SAC) but these are still 'planned' not available today. However, I don't expect any kind of conversion and migration of webi and lumira to Analytics cloud.

Yes I'd recommend Analytics Cloud as 'the future' - not only to shift a company's significant capital expenditure (when maintaining on-premise) to a smaller operating expense (when consuming SaaS) - but because it offers a significantly more agile proposition that unlocks new use-cases all in the same solution (no integration required) including BI, Planning, Predictive and Boardroom.

in the interim, whilst you phase your cut-over, then the solution might be SAP Analytics Hub, which is a content categorization and curation portal, which can straddle all your diverse artefacts including things like on-premise BI, cloud BI, embedded BI, and external 3rd party BI (Tableau etc). Effectively "one place for all your mixed analytics" so that Webi, Lumira can be reached alongside Analytics cloud. More info here:

regards, H

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Tammy Powlas
Feb 22 at 05:18 PM

Hi - I think you should follow the askSAP call from last week - if you have already invested in Lumira I would proceed, and move the cloud when your business requires it.

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Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the information. We have not significantly invested in Lumira as we are embarking on that journey after some POC. Thought Analytics on cloud seems to be the talk, what concerns us is we start rollout of Lumira and it would be time to move to Analytics on cloud.

One question - when you talk about Hybrid BI, is onPremise solution still Lumira/WEBI and any cloud or data discovery it is analytics on Cloud the answer? or plans for SAC Application Design may be in the plans? or I am missing something.

Thanks for the feedback.


Right now SAP Analysis Office (on-premise) can consume SAP Analytics Cloud models, so that is a current hybrid use case.

As for your other questions, feel free to join/register for this upcoming webcast to ask these types of questions directly to SAP: