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Jul 14, 2008 at 02:52 PM

synchronous SOAP to HTTP


Hi guys,

I have the following scenario,

An external system CRM (non-SAP) system is sending a synchronous request to XI as XML over SOAP protocol.

XI has to execute 6 subsequent synchronous XML requests over HTTP protocol to an external HTTP Web Server. An then it has to merge the results of the three last responses/messages from the HTTP server into one message and send this back to the CRM.

I have created a synchronous outbound message interface with a sender SOAP communication chanel with QoS Best Effort.

In the BPM, I have used a receive step in order to open an S/A Bridge. Then there are 6 subsequent send synchronous steps and between the last 3 synchronous steps, I have inserted 3 container elements in order to create a multiline message type with the three last responses.

a) The S/A Bridge is necessary, isnt't it? Could I implement this by using a send asynchronous step in the end of the BPM ?

b) If I have the S/A Bridge, in ID do I need a receiver determination in order to send the result from BPM to the sender CRM system ?

c) Do I need a receiver agreeement/SOAP receiver adapter in order to send the result back to CRM?

Tnank you,

Best Regards