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Jul 14, 2008 at 02:12 PM

Multiple(dependent)Dropdown Listboxes in the ALV grid


Hi All,

I have a query regarding the muliple Listboxes in the grid...

My reqmnt is..I have 3 List the Grid...

For The first list box i will be having some values..after selecting one of the values for the first listbox..depending on that value,i need to read the different values for the second and depending on listbox1 and listbox2 i need to populate the values into listbox3.

The problem im facing is...populating the second & third listboxes..depending on the first one...

i have used Method:

CALL METHOD g_grid->set_drop_down_table in PBO

to have the dropdown table.(I'm Putting conditions to know whether the first listbox value is selected r not...n populating according to that value to the listbox table.)


CALL METHOD g_grid->check_changed_data


e_valid = l_valid.

CALL METHOD g_grid->get_current_cell


e_row = e_row

e_value = e_value

e_col = e_col

es_row_id = es_row_id

es_col_id = es_col_id

es_row_no = es_row_no.

TO know the changed data..n which row is changed...

But the values which are populated for the second list box are not coming...if i create new screen n grid then those values r coming...Can anyone please suggest a way...