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Input Controls not working with Generated Values

I have been working with Webi Version: for a year and a half now and have come across a problem with running input controls of generated values. By generated values I mean something like this "=If(IsNull(Max([Support Periods].[Head of Household] Where ([Support Periods].[Head of Household] = "Yes")));"No";"Yes")"

As you can see I am using a formula that will output either a No or Yes. This works fine for outputting values but falls over when I attempt to filter it with an input control. It works fine to filter with a filter but input controls don't work. First off when I leave it to "values from report" it only shows one values "Yes" even though "No" definitely exists in the result set, secondly if I enter my own values "No" and "Yes" then it appears to work but sometimes doesn't see some of the "No" values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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