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Jul 14, 2008 at 09:59 AM

Reading input GP context data in webDynpro callable object


Hi Experts,

In my WD java GP callable object, i have an input node parameter.

in the Execute method of interface controller implementing GP interface, i want to read the data from this input node / structure and want to store it in a context of the interface controller.

in the toutorial given in the link


it shows how to read attributes but not node / structure in Execute method of interface controller.

can you guys give some ideas on how to read this data from Gp input structure and store in context node of interface controller?

I have started as following but am unable to go further

IGPStructure input = executionContext.getInputStructure();
IGPStructure leStructure = input.getStructure("InputNode");

			IPublicAproveCompInterface.ILENode leNode =
			IPublicCompInterface.ILEElement leEle =

			for (int i = 0; i < leNode.size(); i++) {
				leEle = leNode.getLEElementAt(i);
				leEle.setAttr1( ?);
                                leEle.setAttr2( ?);