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Jul 14, 2008 at 09:07 AM

Using WebDynpro Proxy iView when WD app is running on another Server


Hi Guru's,

As you know NW2004S introduced us the WD Proxy iView.

In my opinion one of it's neat features is the "ctrl-rightclick personalisation" option.

I want to use the WD Proxy iView to show a WD reporting application in our dedicated BI Portal.

This WD reporting application is hosted on another Porta/WD server. The WD Proxy iView Wizzard doesn't allow me to select a system, it automaticaly selects the localsystem as its default.

Offcourse I know that I can use the old/traditional iView template for WD or set up a FPN-like structure with producer and consumer..... but first I want to know if there is anyone who can give me the SAP statement/limitation facts (maybe a link to a note or a doc) that says that the WD Proxy iView is only working for LocalSystem installation.

Thanks in advance!

Benjamin Houttuin