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Jul 14, 2008 at 08:06 AM

Using deployed jar libraries in a Java DC



what I would like to do is build a Java Class, which uses some MDM libraries that are already deployed on the J2EE Server.

For the build time I am using an External Library DC, which has all the needed JARs and I am importing the the external library as Used DC in my Java DC and this is quite enough to get all the APIs I need.

However here the problem is that I am not getting a runtime reference to those libraries on the J2EE Server. Follows a short explanation:

To deploy my Java DC I am using a J2EE Server Component, which includes the SDA public part of my Java DC. So my Java DC is deployed on the server, just when I call it I get a ClassNotFound exception, which refers the libraries that I imported in my external library DC.

All in all the question states: How do I define runtime dependency within a JAVA DC to libraries that are already deployed on the J2EE Server?

Thanks in advance for the provided solution.