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URGENT !!! Sybase ASE 16 hanging at start

Dear Experts,

PLEASE try to help me. I am in a very unpleasant situation. I stopped yesterday evening
2 SAP systems, running on Sybase 16 and Linux RHEL 7.2. I used the normal stopsap command and everything went flawlessly.

Now I am trying to start them, both are hanging when attempting to start the database:

> startsap
Checking syb Database
Database is not available via R3trans
starting database <SID> ...
Log file: /sybase/<SID>/startdb.log

The log file /sybase/<SID>/ASE-16_0/<SID>.log exists with a size of 0 bytes and when I try to cat it, it doesn't display nothing.

When I check the processes under the syb<SID> user I see only the following ones running:

RUN_<SID>_BS -> the RUN process for the backup server
backupserver (with a lot of options)

I checked that all the datafiles and the log file in sapdata_* and saplog_1 are having the timestamp of when I had stopped the system yesterday afternoon.

I am unable to open an OSS message, as my SUSER isn't authorized for doing that.

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  • Also what I forgot to tell:

    In top - startdb uses around 12% CPU and it's changing slightly between 11% and 18%.
    From what I could check for example with iostat, there is almost no disk activity :-(

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1 Answer

  • Feb 26, 2018 at 11:45 PM

    Hi Symon,

    Are the SAP systems mentioned in this thread, still down? If yes, then can we please check the contents of /sybase/<SID>/ASE-16_0/install directory: especially <SID>.log & RUN_<SID> files.

    Please let me know if you are able to do the following as syb<SID>

    cd /sybase/<SID>/ASE-16_0/bin

    dataserver -v

    You can also trying starting the ASE via cmd: startserver -f RUN_<SID> from the install dir, if permissible.


    Madhvi Pai

    SAP Product Support

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