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SPAM Update & Kernal Update Procedure

Hi Everyone,

i want to apply Support Pack for SAP_BASIS & SAP_ABA. Now Its Level is 0009.

For that i should Update SPAM first.Its Version is now, 7.00/21. Also, Kernal needs to be Updated. Kernel Level is 75.

I want to know the Procedure how to Update SPAM & Kernal first. then, where can i find the latest Support Pack(Component wise) in Service Marketplace.i have SUser ID with all Authorization.

My Application is ECC 6.0 with SQL sErver 2005


A.Siva Kumar

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3 Answers

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    Jul 14, 2008 at 07:42 AM


    Just uncar the sapkd<version><relno> in your trans dir so that the uncared files will be placed in the eps/in directory.

    Then login in to 000 client with admin user dont use sap* or ddic.

    Then load the support package from application server and then

    goto Support package-->spam/saint update, it will do the rest.

    Then for kernal upgrade u need to do just simple copy and paste steps thats it.

    Stop ur sap system

    take a back up of ur usr/sap/sid/sys/exe/run folder.

    Then uncar the files in an another folder.

    Copy and paste the files in usr/sap/sid/sys/exe/run folder.

    Start your SAP system.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Kernal files have been pasted in the RUN directory and replaced old files with the new files.

      But still my Kernal SP level is 75 only.

      These are the files i have downloaded from the Marketplace:






      what are the files to be added for downloading in Kernal Upgradation.plz advice me that also.



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    Jul 14, 2008 at 08:15 AM

    Hi Siva,


    ABAP support pack:

    1.Download the CAR & SAR files, uncar the files using sapcar -xvf *.(CAR/SAR). Copy the files to usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory.

    2. First set the system as domain controller thru transaction STMS .

    3. Go to transaction SPAM & load the packages from app. server.

    4. Define the Queue (DISPLAY/DEFINE)

    5. Import Queue

    6. At last Confirm the queue from the menu.

    For Kernel Update:

    1. Download the related kernel file. (*.CAR or *.SAR)

    2. Unzip with sapcar -xvf *.CAR/SAR

    3. Stop SAP service

    4. Take the backup of old kernel located in \usr\sap\<sid>\sys\exe

    5. Copy the new kernel to \usr\sap\<sid>\sys\exe\run

    6. Now, start the SAP service.

    1st go thru this doc :-

    Importing a SPAM/SAINT Update (


    A SPAM/SAINT Update (SPAM update for short) contains updates and improvements to Support Package Manager and Add-On Installation Tool. There is always one SPAM update for each release. To find out which version you are using, look at the following in your system:

    ● The short description, for example SPAM/SAINT update - version <REL>/0001

    ● The package name, for example SAPKD<REL>01

    The latest SPAM update is also available in SAP Support Portal, under

    Make sure you always have the most recent version of SPAM before importing Support Packages or Installation Packages.


    You can only import a SPAM update if there are no terminated packages in the system.

    A dialog box informs you if there are any terminated packages. You then have two options:

    ● Import the entire queue to begin with and then the SPAM update.

    ● Delete the queue, import the SPAM update, then import the queue.

    You can only delete the queue if module Import 1 has not yet started (up to phase SCHEDULE_RDDIMPDP).


    1. Call Support Package Manager (transaction SPAM).

    2. Check if the SPAM update offered is newer than the one in your system.

    3. To import the most recent SPAM update, choose Support Package u00AE Import SPAM update.

    SPAM updates are automatically confirmed once they have been imported.



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    Jul 14, 2008 at 09:26 AM

    Both are different . Support Package Manager (transaction SPAM) provides an way of importing Support Packages into our system. Its just like a tool i.e, used to apply package in our system. But, support packages are used to correct the defects in the components. Time to time, we need to upgrade the SPAM with the latest release version so that it can support the higher level of support package released.



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    • Hi Mudari,

      This thread was opened by Siva, if you have a question open a new thread as hijacking a thread is not very nice.

      In the other hand this is a very discussed subject so please do a search before posting.