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Authorizations in SAP Disclosure Management

Feb 23 at 12:32 PM


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Hope you are doing well

I have two requests and i need you help

  1. I want to restrict access for a user to create or update a report in SAP Disclosure Management. He would be able to do that just if onther user with higher priveleges confirms his request.
  2. In a report, i have some automated comments so i want to disable the possibility for a user to update it. The administrator would be the only person who can do that.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Best regards.

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Marc Kuipers
Feb 23 at 04:00 PM

Hi Sanae

1) Have you looked at workflow- as this is exactly designed for issues like this

2) Can you clarify - where are these comments? In the Word report itself?


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Hi Marc,

Yeah exactly, the comments are in the word report

Thanks a lot for your help



Hello Sanae

If the user has access to Word (chapter) then there is nothing DM can do to stop him/her from changing these comments

Once Word is opened, DM has no control (it is just an add-in in Word, so it cannot control the document itself)



Hello Marc

Thanks a lot for your reply