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SAP Cloud Application Library - Hybris Commerce 6.4

Feb 23 at 11:32 AM


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I've created a instance of Hybris Commerce 6.4 in AWS. After the instance is ready, visiting the URL as suggested in the Getting Started PDF gives a 404 error (PDF:



What am I missing?

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I am also facing the above issue - despite updating hosts file on the system as suggested in the "Getting Started Guide".

CAL Team - Any updates?



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Hi, Im also facing same issue

Can anyone from SAP help?



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1 Answer

Rakesh Tripathi Mar 01 at 06:31 PM

Hi Ganesan / Andruth,

I have worked around this issue in the following manner, if you want to try this out:

(1) Stop Hybris services as shown in the Getting Started Guide.

(2) Establish a ssh session to the server as root, switch to hdbadm and invoke hdbsql and attempt to logon as HYBRISADM (this command worked for me - $ hdbsql -i 00 -d HDB -n <internal IP>:30015 -u HYBRISADM -p Appl1ance.

The password for this database user is stored in the file /cal/plugins/hyc/6.4/hybris/config/ (which is Appl1ance). When you try to logon it can be seen that this password has expired and the database expects a new password. Provide the new password for HYBRISADM.

(3) Backup the file /cal/plugins/hyc/6.4/hybris/config/

(4) Update the "Database Connection" section of the file /cal/plugins/hyc/6.4/hybris/config/ as follows, replacing localhost with the private IP of the server for the "db.url" parameter, and the new password for HYBRISADM for the "db.password" parameter.

#Database Connection

db.url=jdbc:sap://<private IP>:30015/?reconnect=true


db.password=<new password>

(5) Establish a new ssh session to the server as root, switch to hybris, and navigate to /cal/plugins/hyc/6.4/hybris/platform, and issue the following commands to start Hybris services:

$. ./

$nohup ./ &

After starting the services as above, the following URLs - https://vhcalhybris.dummy.nodomain:9002/hac , https://vhcalhybris.dummy.nodomain:9002/backoffice, and the storefront URLs provided in the CAL Getting Started Guide - for this solution works fine for me. (You'll need to map the public IP of the server in the local desktop's "hosts" file for the above URLs to resolve though, as detailed in the Getting Started Guide).

Hope this helps.

Rakesh Tripathi

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It works! Thanks Rakesh!