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When Append Data getting error organization member is invalid

Feb 23 at 10:22 AM


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Hi Vadim,

Here we are trying to upload transaction data as a part of correction and using "APPEND" Data Manager Package. But user cannot able to upload data for any of the Organisation dimension base member. Getting error " Invalid Members [Organisation_AP] = TCMO".

Can you please advise what went wrong here. I am attaching system version details and error log and the file which we are uploading.


Error :

Flat File Used

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Feb 23 at 10:32 AM


are you sure that the user ID used to execute the package has read/write rights on the ORGANIZATION_AP dimension for the TCMO member? If this is a valid member ID in this dimension then the most likely cause of this error is an authorization issue. See SAP Note 1972243 - "Invalid Members [DIMENSION]=DimensionID" when executing LOAD_DELTA_IP process chain

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Vadim Kalinin Feb 23 at 10:36 AM

Also it's a good idea to show your ORGANIZATION_AP dimension administration screenshot

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HI Vadim,

Please find attached details of Organisation member. Also i think what Peter is saying make sense. Let me check that authorization part too. Many thanks.


Is it a base member? Not clear from description: CO Total_Input

If it's a base member then Peter recommendation looks correct!


Yes it is a base member only. But came to know from user that he is getting similar issue for all other base members too. So bit confuse what went wrong with his Data Access Profile then if issue is for all the base level members.


Have you checked DAP for this user/team?


Yes Vadim. Actually user is assigned main top node access profile.

Example :

Top Node is : TOTAL_SRC. So for this member both read and write access profile is assigned to this user. And all other base member are define under this member only. So in this case user should be able to access Data manager Package without any issue. Because for any member system should allow then.


Please add screenshots to ensure that everything is correct!

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By the way, you CPMBPC component is outdated!

The current SP is: CPMBPC 801 SP18 (equivalent of CPMBPC 800 SP25)

On 23.11.2017

Leila Lappin
Feb 23 at 06:13 PM


Were you able to find the root cause of your ?

Best Regards,

Leila Lappin

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Not Yet. Checking backend BW roles where all the profile content is available for user or not.