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Jul 13, 2008 at 03:15 AM

Short dump when activating hierarchies in BI 7.0


We are in the process of doing a technical upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 (SPS 14, BW Patch 16).

At this point our Dev system has been upgraded successfully and we are at the Q/A stage.

In Dev, when running the hierarchy activation program RRINCLTAB_BUILD as part of our post-upgrade tasks, we got a short dump with the runtime error message u201CSAPSQL_WHERE_FOR_ALL_MISMATCHu201D . We applied OSS note 1168238 which fixed the problem. A transport was created which contained all the InfoObjects we had modified (the ones with hierarchies).

In Q/A, we moved the transport and then ran the program RRINCLTAB_BUILD. This time we got a short dump with a different runtime error message u2013 u201CDBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUESTu201D. When analyzing the short dump, it looks like the failure occurs in module NEW_NODESID_SAVE.

Now we are not able to proceed because all loads into these InfoObjects fail at the hierarchy activation stage. We have just 6 characteristics with hierarchies, and only these characteristics ahve load problems.

We have spent much time researching the problem but have not had any success. We are at a critical stage because Production is due to be upgraded next week.

Any help would be much appreciated.