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Jul 13, 2008 at 02:00 AM

Check Box - Remembering Selections When Returning


I have a need to capture and display several attributes per item. I have setup a checkbox for each attribute and associated an on/off value for the checkbox. So far so good. I then created additional checkboxes with their own on/off values so that for Item 1 someone could check attributes A and B, for Item 2, attributes A, C and D and so on.

All of this works fine on the canvase and in the initial flash build. However, when I return to the workspace and then back to the Flash again evertying is unchecked as set initially. I didn't see any reference in the checkbox properties that indicated how to "remember" or keep the attribute selections for the user's return.

I tried the Scenario button and then didn't do anything. I saved the scenario and then attempted to reload it upon returning but there were no scenarios. I don't get that either.

What looks like a compelling concept is getting more and more frustating to use as a business tool. Can anyone shed some light here.

Thanks, David