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s/4 hana t-codes for ehsm

Dear team,

please give some one alternative t-codes for below T-codes in s/4 Hana 1610

CBIH02 EHS: Edit Work Area CBIH03 EHS: Display Work Area CBIH12 EHS: Edit Risk Assessment CBIH13 EHS: Display Risk Assessment CBIH14 EHS: Amount Overview CBIH42 EHS: Edit Pattern CBIH43 EHS: Display Pattern CBIH50 EHS: Information on Permitted Status CBIH51 EHS: Call Question Catalog CBIH52 EHS: Call General Questionnaire CBIH72 EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log Entry CBIH73 EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log Entry CBIH82 EHS: Change Inc./Acc. Log Entry CBIH83 EHS: Display Inc./Acc. Log Entry CBIH88 EHS: Data Transfer for Amounts CBIH89 EHS: Injury/Illn.Log Data Transfer CBIH92 Agent Workbench CBIH92OLD EHS: Edit Agent (Substance) CBIH93OLD EHS: Display Agent (Substance) CBIHB0 EHS: Incident/Accident Log No. Range CBIHB1 EHS: Accident Report Number Range CBIHB2 EHS: Injury/Illn. Log Number Range CBIHB3 EHS: Work Area Number Range CBIHB4 EHS: Number Rnge Spec. Questionnaire CBIHB5 EHS: Number Range Measurement Proj. CBIHB6 EHS: Number Range Measurement CBIHCH1 Change Documents Work Area CBIHCH2 Change Documents Risk Assessment CBIHCH3 Change Documents Inc./Acc. Log CBIHCH4 Change Documents Injury/Illness Log CBIHM2 EHS: Edit Measurement Projects CBIHM3 EHS: Display Measurement Projects CBIHMR01 EHS: Agents with Measured Values CBIHMR02 EHS: Buildings with Measured Values CBIHMR03 EHS: Measurements with Meas. Values CBIHMR04 EHS: Persons with Measured Values CBIHMR05 EHS: Monitoring Dates CBIHMR06 EHS: Measurements w. Analysis Values CBIHMR07 EHS: Statistics for Measurements CBIHMR08 EHS: Statistics for Measured Agents CBIHMR09 EHS: Details of Measured Values CBIHR01 EHS: Personal Exposure Log CBIHSR01 EHS: SARA Reporting CBIHT0 EHS: RFC - PA20 HR Master Data CBIHT1 RFC - CBHR11 Create External Person CBIHT12 RFC - CBHR12 Change External Person CBIHT13 RFC - CBHR13 Display External Person CBIHT2 RFC - EHSBP11 Create Physician CBIHT22 RFC - EHSBP12 Change Physician CBIHT23 RFC - EHSBP13 Display Physician CBIHT3 RFC - EHS BP31 Create Health Center CBIHT32 RFC - EHSBP32 Change Health Center CBIHT33 RFC - EHSBP33 Display Health Center CBIHT4 EHS: RFC - PB20 Applicant Master CBIHT5 RFC - CBHR21 Create Authority CBIHT52 RFC - CBHR22 Change Authority CBIHT53 RFC - CBHR23 Display Authority CBIHT6 RFC - EHSBP41 Create Laboratory CBIHT62 RFC - EHSBP42 Change Laboratory CBIHT63 RFC - EHSBP43 Display Laboratory CBIHT7 RFC - EHSBP51 Create Extern. Company CBIHT72 RFC - EHSBP52 Change Extern. Company
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2 Answers

  • Feb 23, 2018 at 05:38 PM


    one topic you have highlighted is related to EHS-IH => check online help of sap and take a look for "EHSM" solution

    second topic is (I believe) related to EHS-OH => this solution does not exists any more; no follow up solution availablke

    Please check SAP Marketplace to really understand S/4 HANA (the content of S/4 HANA will change release by release; so in some years teh old EHS is not existing any more; please check the many threads here which discuss this process


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  • Feb 26, 2018 at 06:51 AM

    Hello Babu,

    SAP EHS - OH Solution is no more availble in S4 HANA 1610.

    Check below threads please.

    EHSM is the new version of what you can find in EH&S - IHS. Users access only via the Portal.

    On the consultant's side, you have customizing via SPRO and developments are done using ABAP Webdynpro and FPM.

    In EHSM, Incident Mangement is similar to the previous incident/accident management blended with some occupational health (wounds, diseases, etc), some work area management and a touch of Risk Assessment.

    Risk Assessment is similar to the previous risk assessment solution with some occupational health, work area management.



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