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CR fails after upgrade to VS2017

Starting condition:

Windows 10 Pro (Version 1709) 64-bit.

VS 2015 = 14.0.25431.01 Update 3

CR 13.0.20

  1. Opened Book project in VS2015. Project is a VB application using Crystal Reports and a local SQL Server SQL 2016 database.
  2. Ran project and tested Crystal Reports. It tested OK.
  3. Closed VS2015.
  4. Created a restore point (VS2017 Upgrade).
  5. Uninstalled Crystal Reports 13.0.20 and its Runtime Engine.
  6. Uninstalled VS2015.
  7. Shut down the computer.
  8. Started up the computer.
  9. Downloaded latest VS and CR 64-bit installation software.
  10. Installed VS2017. Installed “universal Windows Platform development” and “.NET desktop developments”.
  11. Shut down the computer.
  12. Started up the computer.
  13. Installed CR-13.0.22.
  14. Installed CR Runtime.
  15. Shut down the computer.
  16. Started up the computer.
  17. Opened Book project in VS2017.
  18. Rebuilt the project.
  19. Running the project failed.

When the following code is run, it fails when it tries to DIM the frmReportViewer.

B#Region "Handle eBook Report"

| !1 reference

E' Private Sub HandleEbookReport(strReportName As String)

I ■ Dim fflH As New frmReportViewer

Dim arlReportData As New ArrayList

Dim ReportQuery = From RQ In DC.tblStories Where RQ.EbookExists = "YES” Order By RQ.Title Select New With {.storyTitle = RQ.Title, .AuthorName = RQ.AuthorName}

  • '
  • i•

    B!IFor Each REC In ReportQuery

    arlReportData.Add(New clsReportData(REC.AuthorName, REC.storyTitle,""))


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