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Billable Flag on BYD Projects?


There is a flag on the Project record called 'Billable'.

There is also a standard Characteristics on the Project Reports called 'Billable'.

However, they do not seem to be related. I have projects with the flag set that are reported as non-billable and visa versa.

Does anyone know what the Billable characteristic on the standard report represents?

(The help for this data element within the report/data source documentation has a broken link)



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2 Answers

  • Feb 23, 2018 at 10:33 AM

    Dear Steve,

    Under Customer, you can enter customer details, which is visible depending on the project type, for all direct cost projects, for example customer projects. If you select the Billable checkbox, both the project (header) and its project tasks are automatically marked as billable as part of project invoicing. If you do not select this checkbox, both the project (header) and its project tasks are not billable.

    If a project is defined as billable, all work packages are billable by default. Under project planning work section you can mark the work packages as not billable on an individual basis. For billable work packages all corresponding recorded time, expenses are included in the project invoice when an invoice request is created.

    The project contains the billable information on the project header. The project tasks do not have a separate billable information. However the billable information of the work packages can be maintained separately. This information can differ between work packages belonging to the same task.
    If you are interested in this information your report should be built on the granularity of work packages. The field "Billable (Project Task)" in the report is a convenience feature providing this information from the project header if you are just showing task data and hiding the project data.

    Best regards,

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  • Feb 23, 2018 at 12:11 PM

    Thanks - but my point was that I am seeing Projects in my reports that are showing as Billable, but the Indicator "Billable" is not checked on the project. It doesn;t look to me like the Billable indicator on the projecct drives the Billable flag on the report (or if it does there is a bug)

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