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Jul 11, 2008 at 09:21 PM

Variables in custom exit


Hi Friends,

I am in a implimentaion project working on reporting. I had a customer requirement in reporting requirement is

They have to see the Actual Costs (KF) for a cost elements (Char) upto YTD


If we execute a report in July for the current fiscal year/period the report shows only julys actual cost.

But the customer wants to see all the his previous months Actual costs ( i.e from Jan, feb, march,.....July)

I checked all the standard Variables for fiscal year/period but i could not able to get the required result

SO can we get the result iby using variable customer exit.

I know where we can write the ABAP code for variable exit but can any one help me in writing the ABAP code for the above mentioned scenario.

Again the scenario looks like this.

I have actual cost(KF) for current fiscal year/period (007- 2008).

But i require all the previous periods also (001.2008 002.2008 .......... 007. 2008)