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Jul 11, 2008 at 04:09 PM

WIS 00001 as well as Slow Universe Loading Problem


Using Business Objects XI Release 2 on Windows XP.

After completing a large universe and exporting it, we've been having difficulties with loading the universe in Web Intelligence. In most cases, the users can't seem to get the loading bar past 3/4 of the bar, even after a full half-hour of waiting. After about 1 minute of loading, it reaches 3/4, then hangs for eternity.

For the times when it does open (slightly more of a rarity), anytime a query is run the error message "WIS 00001" claims that the data is no longer available. Nothing has been deleted in the universe, and the error message seems to come up for every query, including small queries of a single field. As far as we've tested, it seems that all data in this particular universe is unretrievable, though no data has been deleted or changed.

If more information is needed, just ask.