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Create a Thing Data - API is not working

Feb 22 at 12:16 PM


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Hello Team,

Currently i am trying to create a data for a thing that is registered in thing modeler using the following link

When i try to execute the service from the application directly, i am getting the following error in the console.

Unrecognized field "trip_id" (class, not marked as ignorable (2 known properties: "value", "count"]) at [Source: (org.glassfish.jersey.message.internal.ReaderInterceptorExecutor$UnCloseableInputStream); line: 1, column: 13] (through reference chain:["trip_id"])

Kindly help.


Rumeshbabu S

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1 Answer

Marcus Behrens
Feb 22 at 09:23 PM

Are you sure, that the error message provided is not meaningful in your context? Do you want to share your thing model and the payload that you are sending?

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As attached,


Rumeshbabu S



reqpayload.jpg (60.2 kB)
thingmodel.jpg (58.1 kB)

Have your tried to include "TRIP_ID" in the payload to make the case match the case of the property? This is not a database system (at least not directly) and hence the property names are case sensitive.


Thanks Behrens,

I tried with the following now the service response is 200 (Success) and i have noticed that in the IoT AE Read thing data API

the data is getting loaded for the timestamp from previous day & not from today if i use timerange of 1M .

For ex:

{_time => Today

TRIP_ID : ...




The above data is getting displayed in the API only if i execute it by tomorrow.


Rumeshbabu S


Ok, the apis you are using are for master data, not for measurements. Let's first make sure this is what you want.

The APIs you have used are for storing master data that does not change frequently. Its most commonly used to contain configuration parameters of the Thing and data, that links the thing to business objects in other applications. This data is not aggregated and this data is not spread out across the tiered storage we provide but all of it is in Hana. It's also stored with timestamps but the apis to retrieve it are limited.

If you instead use a property set for "measures" then this is the timeseries data you e.g. read from a sensor and where the values change every millisecond and you want to store a big time series and where you want the system to store it at scale and still provide aggregates. To use this please refer to the time series apis (which look very similar). This offers then for querying many more apis e.g. the m4 algorithm apis or the analytical odata apis.

Please let me know which way you want to go.


i tried with the following analytic odata api, i think i am able to see the read the updated data,

Yes you are correct, we need to use for storing master data which does not change frequently, our devices are mostly having GPS sensors which will be attached to trucks for delivery and we will assign various trips(contain start,end date) to the trucks, so we want to store those trips against each devices, in previous iot 2.0 we have our own tables in HANA DB to store those trip values, but here i think everthing we need to access using apis.

It might be stupid to ask that is there any persistence place where we can do DB operations (create our own tables & maintaining data into it) in the IoT AE platform.


Rumeshbabu S


On your last question the answer is no - provides more detail.

Please feel free to open new threads for new questions so its eaiser for others to find the question and answers they are looking for.