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Message prioritization

Hi folks,

I am currently using SAP 7.5 NWA.I had a confusion which needs some more clarity.

As I could read in the documents, it is said message prioritization comes into play when all the assigned threads are occupied.

On the other hand, it is also said that the priority assigned to the interface would determine the number of messages dispatcher queue would forward to the adapter specific queues, once they have free consumer threads, i.e threads are not fully occupied.

Suppose there is a high load condition and there is a scenario in which of all threads have been occupied, in that case

1)Prioritization is decided.

2)Messages according to priority is forwarded from Dispatcher queue to adapter specific queues, taking into account free consumer threads are available for adapter specific queues.

That means for message prioritization to take place, we first wait for the threads to occupy completely and once that happens-> then we want to have free consumer threads to put them into adapter specific queues.

Is my understanding correct, if yes, then is threads for both dispatcher queue and adapter specific queue same or do they have different?

If not, please correct and throw some light on this. Your response would be highly appreciated



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