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Jul 11, 2008 at 11:18 AM

cl_salv_table , how update the backend (like HANDLE_DATA_CHANGE in alv)


Hi there,

following situation:

I've placed two SALV grids ("A" and "B") among themselves inside two different custom containers on a classical dynpro.

The goal is to transfer datasets between these two salv's (sometimes this is called "flip flop").

To transfer the datasets between these two salv's , I've placed two buttons between the SALV's on the dynpro (OUTSIDE the salv's toobar).

By clicking one of these buttons the selected rows (datasets) should transfer from grid "A" to grid "B" and by clicking the

other button vice versa.

The problem is, that the backend is not updated and don't recognize the selected rows, so following

example code that's executed in PAI after clicking the dynpro button returns nothing:

      " returns alv instance
      method create_alv.
         " set the selection mode to 'multiple'
         r_selections->set_selection_mode( if_salv_c_selection_mode=>multiple ).


      " PAI
      " get selected rows for salv instance 'A'
      r_alv_selections_A = r_alv_A->get_selections( ).
      it_sel_rows = r_alv_selections_A->get_selected_rows( ).

So, is there any event or method that's update the backend ?

Thanks for help in advance !



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