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erro: Internal deployment of column view failed While validating/Activating DECISION TABLE.

Hello Experts,

i'm getting following error message while activating DECISION TABLE, Please advise on this.

Error Report:

Server-side validation: Activation ID: 6429

Repository: Activation failed for at least one object;At least one runtime reported an error during activation. Please see CheckResults for details

Internal deployment of column view failed;Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Internal Error:Central table does not exist in column store: $varSchema$:$varTableName$.

Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension; Column View Deployment Failed

Snap shots of Decision table joins and actions:

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  • Hi,

    I am receiving the same was this resolved?


  • Problem resolved !..Finally after hours of arduous efforts...
    So, basically this is kind of bug I would say...
    Here's the solution: WHen you add a table, HANA stuido is adding an alias with the naming convention - 'XYZ_1' and this creates a confusion for the activation for creating the central table.

    I can see in your screenshot also, the same problem lies - alias with '*_1' nomenclature. Just click the table and in the properties, remove the alias and voila!..You won't have any activation issue:

  • Vijay N Debanshu Mukherjeee

    Sorry for late response, i took different route to implement same logic. so i ignored this problem.

    Thanks for the reply. Appreciated.



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