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List Report - Filter from Object page


If we have list report and object page, is it possible to show the fields from object page’s associated/navigation entity type as selection fields on the list report page ?

I see the navigation option but seems doesn’t work. Any insight will help !



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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Feb 24 at 10:02 PM

    Hi Tanveer,

    Annotate the require field in List Report consumption view with UI Annotations.

    it should be like


    Corresponding Object page association.field name.



    Abdul Basha Shaik

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  • Feb 26 at 02:35 PM


    Let's image a scenario like SalesOrders. To be able to do this kind of search, you have to create an navigation from Item (as main entity) to Salesorder with the rigth cardinality.

    You should do something like this

    	<Annotation Term="UI.SelectionFields">
    						<PropertyPath >to_SOItems/ShortText</PropertyPath>

    Do not forget to set your properties as Filterable in the metadata.



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    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for taking time to write a response.

      I tried doing the same, not sure what am I missing. MATERIAL___T is at sales order item. And list report list page is based off of "header" entity type with association/navigation to "item" entity type for object page.

      I am trying to get selection field for MATERIAL___T on list report page.

      Here is my metadata with association/navigation -

      <EntityType Name="headerType">
      <PropertyRef Name="DOC_NUMBER"/>
      <Property Name="CRM_SOLDTO" 
      <Property Name="CRM_SOLDTO___T"
      <NavigationProperty Name="ItemRef" Relationship="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.ToItemAssctnType" FromRole="headerPrincipal" ToRole="itemDependent"/>
      <EntityType Name="itemType">
      <PropertyRef Name="CRM_NUMINT"/>
      <PropertyRef Name="DOC_NUMBER"/>
      <Property Name="CRM_NUMINT" 
      <Property Name="DOC_NUMBER" 
      <Property Name="MATERIAL___T" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="40" sap:label="Product Desription"/>
      <Association Name="ToItemAssctnType">
      <End Type="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.headerType" Role="headerPrincipal" Multiplicity="1"/>
      <End Type="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.itemType" Role="itemDependent" Multiplicity="*"/>
      <EntityContainer Name="SALESORDER_LIST" m:IsDefaultEntityContainer="true">
      <EntitySet Name="header" EntityType="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.headerType"/>
      <EntitySet Name="item" EntityType="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.itemType"/>
      <AssociationSet Name="ToItemAssctn" Association="XS_PROJECT.SALESORDER_LIST.ToItemAssctnType">
      <End Role="headerPrincipal" EntitySet="header"/>
      <End Role="itemDependent" EntitySet="item"/>

      and Here is my annotation -

      	<Annotation Term="UI.SelectionFields">
      						<PropertyPath >ItemRef/MATERIAL___T</PropertyPath>

      but result is not as expected. Selection for Material does not show up.



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  • Feb 28 at 10:05 PM

    Hello Tanveer Shaikh,

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