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Assign Catalog to role

Hello community, i'm new with fiori so the basis gave me the sap router of my fiori server i think and when i log with my user i see this empty screen:

i want some standards app but i don't know where can i start , this is my designer fiori launchpad

i check my tx pfcg and copy a role ZSAP_UI2_ADMIN_700 , generate and assign to my user

but still with out see nothing with my user and y search for catalogs and i dont have results

fiori.png (34.9 kB)
fioridesigner.png (54.3 kB)
pcfg.png (41.1 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Feb 23, 2018 at 05:36 PM

    Hi Naoto Amari .

    You will definitely have to deep dive into some documentation but let me make it clear for you why this is not enough.

    Role SAP_UI2_ADMIN_700 (or your Z roles copied from it) is assigned for "Fiori Administrators", like you. No end users should have access to it.

    However being a Fiori Administrator does not grant you access to all apps. It just grants you access to Fiori Launchpad Designer.

    That said, if you need access to a few apps you have to do steps below:

    1. Open Fiori Apps Reference Library
    2. Know which apps you want to have (or provide) access to
    3. Find each app in Fiori Apps reference library
    4. After finding the app in the library, go to tab "Implementation Information" and grab the business catalog name under "Configuration" section. This catalog contains the tile and target mapping for your app
    5. Check that this business catalog exists in your Launchpad designer. If they don't, double check if the app is installed and what is the installed version
    6. If you found the business catalog, the app is installed. You do not need to change anything in the designer
    7. In terms of roles, you have two options: use SAP roles or create your own roles
    8. If you want to use SAP roles, go back in the Launchpad designer and grab the Business Role, it will be in the "Configuration" section as well.
    9. Now you can copy that role and change it or just assign it to your user in PFCG or SU01
    10. If you do not want to use SAP standard role, create your own in PFCG and assign the business catalog inside it. This can be achieved in Menu tab, switching the "Transaction" button to "SAP Fiori Catalog".
    11. If you used the standard SAP role - you are good. Test it and it should work
    12. If you created your own role, (with the catalog and users assigned), you also can access the app. However, the tile will not be available in your Fiori Launchpad page by default. Having access *only* to the catalog will make the app available in the "App finder" area of your Fiori launchpad
    13. In order to have the tile in the main Fiori Launchpad page (as soon as you open it), you must also assign the Fiori Group which contains the tile to your role
    14. Go back again to Fiori Library and get the name of the Business Group
    15. Change the PFCG role again to insert the Fiori Group (use the same switch button used in step 10)
    16. Now the user has access to both catalog and group. The app should be available for you by default.

    Read more about catalogs and groups in the links below

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