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Jul 11, 2008 at 06:35 AM

Storage section and picking area in WM


Hi guys,

In WArehouse Management, what is the difference between a storage section and a picking area ?

We have the following requirement

We keep our finished products in one room. In this room our client keeps some qty of stocks at one place and some qty in another place. Like this there are about 50 places in the room. We are planning to configure as follows

1) Define the room as a closed storage type

2) Define each place as a storage section (here we have a doubt whether we can have only one storage section for entire room and define each palce as a picking area)

3) Define only one bin for each place

Our requirement is that we have to activate picking strategy also and it should pick the batches on FIFO basis

Is it OK. Any suggestions will be rewarded suitably

thanks in advance