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ByDesign : Multiple account for same customer linking

Feb 23 at 09:43 AM


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Hello Experts,

We are creating multiple accounts based on address which are actualy belongs to same company. In system it is treated as separate.

How to link multiple accounts to one account / or set parent - child relation with other accounts.

For e.g.

Main Group = TATA Group (it has other companies / brands)

Child Company= Titan, Fastrack, Tata Truck etc.

Company Branches = Titam Mumbai, Titan Delhi, Tata Truck Gurgaon etc...

We have a challenge linking branches to companies & companies to main group.

Also, big challenge is when tool sold to Titan mumbai get internally shifted by company to other branch Titan Delhi comes to us for repair (we cant create warranty repair as it shows tool belongs to another account)

Please help.


Vishal Kambare

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2 Answers

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Anand Kadirvelu Feb 26 at 05:25 AM

Hi Vishal,

In SAP ByD the multiple levels of subsidiaries that make up the complex organisational structure of the large customers can be represented by "Account Hierarchies"


  • In the scoping step of the project, ensure that " Business Partners " is selected within " General Business Data "
  • In the Questions step, expand the " General Business Data " scoping element and select " Business Partners" . Select " Handling of Business Partners and answer the question related to account hierarchies"

Hope it helps

Thanks & Regards,

Anand Kadirvelu

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Hi Anand,

In which work center we can link accounts & How?

VISHAL KAMBARE Apr 09 at 07:12 AM

Hi Anand,

your solutions helped me to activate this option in my system.

but where to set such hierarchies for customer & supplier accounts?

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