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Jul 10, 2008 at 12:46 PM

Comp Planning - 2 Level Approval


Hi comp gurus ( I am coining a new Variation of Guru here 😊 ),

System Landscape

ECC 6.0

ECM ( Enterprise compensation Management)

EP 7.0

Currently we have deployed the Enterprise compensation management module. We have a standard compensation scenario where the comp planners use the comp planning screen( Via MSS) to perform the comp planning and the comp approvers, use the comp approval screen to approve the planned(submitted) compensation.

But we have a slightly different scenario where we want to have 2 levels of approvals before the comp record is set to 'Approved' status in IT 0759.

Let me explain it in detail

Lets assume that we have Manager A who is the manager of B, B is the manager of C and C is the manager of D.

C performs comp planning for D. A record is created in IT0759 for D in planning/submitted status. B can now log on and approve the comp planning/submitted comp records by C. Here we do not want the planning record to set to "approved" status when it is approved by B. But we want this to go to Manager A who can then give the final approval and only then should the record in IT0759 status be changed to Approved.

The matters gets more complicated by the fact that, the comp planners and approvers see the data(in MSS) based on OADP and not based on any workflows. Obviously I cannot create a new status for the IT0759 records. Based on your experience what is the best way to handle these scenario.

Any suggestions



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